MBLP Success Stories

Brandon Harris_TX Fuel


Name:  Brandon Harris
Pre MBLP:  Corrupt past record
Post MBLP: Several College Scholarship Offers
Current:  Semi-Professional Player
Texas Fuel, ABA


cj black
Name:  Clarence “CJ” Black
Pre MBLP: Working PT
Post MBLP:  Scholarship to Columbia State CC
Current:  Employed FT (Pharmacist)



eric orr
Name:  Eric Orr
Pre MBLP:  Corrupt past record
Post MBLP: Full scholarship to Trevecca Nazarene University
Current:  Employed FT



Davontae Marshall_pic
Name: Devonte Marshall
Pre MBLP:  High School Dropout
Post MBLP:  GED Graduate
Current:  Employed FT



george brooks III
Name: George Brooks, III
Pre MBLP: Working PT
Post MBLP: College Graduate
Current: Employed FT



allen rogers

Name:  Allen Rogers
Pre MBLP: Not working, Not motivated
Post MBLP:  Full Basketball Scholarship
Current:  Employed FT



robert suttonName: Robert Sutton
Pre MBLP: Working PT
Post MBLP: Partial Basketball Scholarship
Current:  Employed FT



We have many, many, many more!  Please stats below:

Highlights since our inception

56 College Students; Full/Part-Time
71 Back in the Workforce; Full/Part-Time
4 Graduated Student-Athletes
3 Invitational Tryouts for Professional Basketball (Overseas)


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